3 Ways to Include Fringing In Your Wedding Styling

3 Ways to Include Fringing In Your Wedding Styling

Fringes are having a MOMENT (I don’t mean the bangs type, but while lockdown is on and haircuts aren’t a thing I reckon it’s their time too). Nope, I mean the fringe trend that is huge in decor at the moment and not gonna lie, I’m here for it. Fringes have been everywhuuur in fashion over the last few years - hi summer 2017 when we were all wearing a different variation of the same tassel earrings (remember that?!). The fringe love has shown no sign of giving up as since then fringing has been seen on jackets, bags, dresses, even super cool layered fringe trousers - a VIBE. I’ve been obsessed with fringing so to see it make its way into interior and wedding styling is *well* exciting, babes. Knowing my bedroom mirror can rock a fringe too, is the news I’ve been waiting for tbh.


It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of outdoor weddings, and *especially* festival weddings obv. With an endless sea of flags and streamers on show at festivals already, the fringe inspo is BOUNDLESS. There’s something about the layers and texture of fringing that adds awesome depth to your styling, and that why it works so well for weddings.

There are many ways to incorporate fringing into your big day, but here are my top 3 ideas:


    You should definitely know by now that I don’t do boring bunting - I do LOTS of colours and texture so of course that was the main inspiration for this fringe bunting. The floatiness of the ribbons gives it that awesome bohemian party vibe, to make you say yaaaasss! Whether this bunting is hanging behind you as a ceremony backdrop, above the top table or across the dance floor it is sure to create a statement that your guests will remember, and will make your photos MAGIC. And the best thing about them? I can make them in your own colour choice so they're a truly unique decoration for your big day. Click here to find out more about my fringed alternative wedding bunting.


        These are bang on trend at the moment, appearing on Pinterest boards everywhere and you can see why. Not only do they provide an awesome backdrop for your wedding aisles or couple photos, your guests will love getting in on the action too for their own Instagramable photo ops. Something I love about backdrops like these is that they’re very versatile in how they can be styled; you can add layers of fringe-layering for that choppy, ruffled statement look, or keep streamers a similar colour palette and length for a more subtle feel. 


            If you’re looking for a way to create height to your space, then fringe draping installs are an awesome way to get everyone looking UP. Again, styling is key and there are a number of ways to create an impact such as draping from different levels, crossing them over each other or hanging in lines. Adding shimmery foil streamers alongside the coloured ones will give them an extra pi-zazz (is it cool to still use words like pi-zazz?! Probs not). Layering these garlands in the centre of your space creates a strong focal point meaning you could keep the rest of the decor minimal if you wanted.

            There were so many more fringe suggestions I could have listed but hopefully these 3 have inspired you, and given you an idea of the impact fringing can make on your wedding decor. I'll be adding lots more ideas to my Pinterest so have a scroll through, and let me know if you have any creative tips of your own for styling it - I would love to hear!

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