Oh hey babes! I’m Sophie, maker of modern bunting banners.

One of my all time favourite things is making spaces that you want to BE IN. Life is too short for boring spaces, which is why I’ve always been drawn to bunting and flags; I’m on a mission to adorn the heck out of our weddings, homes and parties. Let’s just say, I didn’t choose the bunting life, the bunting life chose me!

As you’re here I’m guessing you’re partial to a bit of bunting yourself (don’t blame ya), and I reckon we can all agree that there’s plenty more room in the bunting world for flags that are extra fun, stylish and appeal to design-conscious people. That’s what BohoTemple is here for!

Nothing brings me joy like inhaling cake and chugging tea, fave podcast on, knee-deep in a big pile of sewing, magicking-up your bunting creations (all of these things can absolutely be done simultaneously, just watch me show you how). If you have some bunting ideas you’d like to discuss I wanna hear them! I bloomin’ love a bunting chat, can’t refuse it.

And if you’re wondering whereabouts in the world this bunting I speak of will be made (nosy), then the answer would be from my little home studio in Kent, UK where I live with my husband and three children - chances are, if you’ve stalked my Instagram you already know that though. Either way, I’m just so happy you’re here. Come take a peek at my bunting, which style is a bit of you?!


Photo by Ajebon