Boho Baby Nursery Decor and Styling Reveal

Boho Baby Nursery Decor and Styling Reveal

My daughter Remi had her first birthday at the beginning of June and has started to walk, and I suddenly feel like I don’t have a baby anymore… man, the EMOTION! I’ve been wanting to write up the ideas behind her nursery decor for a little while, so perhaps doing this will transport me back to when she was teeny tiny again, even just for a few minutes.

Boho baby nursery styling bunting
Personalised boho baby bunting nursery decoration

Having said that, we didn’t decorate the nursery until Remi was about 7 months old. Until then she slept in a bedside crib in our room so we didn’t see any need to do it any earlier. Not long before we found out we were expecting her, we had painted the room (labelled the ‘box room’ so that gives you an idea of its size!) white, as we had originally intended it to become a little home studio for BohoTemple. This made styling her room later on loads easier as we didn’t need to paint it again, and although I might not have painted it white otherwise, it’s actually been a great colour to create the sense of space. I like that with neutral walls you can let the decor do most of the talking, and switch it up in the future if you want to.

Mini rattan peacock chair with toy lion
Rattan sun mirrorRattan wicker storage baskets
It won’t come as a surprise to you that I (and actually Cameron) am a BIG fan of boho styling - I mean, it’s literally in the name. Naturally, I sway towards the maximalist look, but with the room already being so small I aimed to keep it fairly minimalist boho. It was important to me that the room would have some warmth to it so it seemed like the obvious choice to bring in some trusty rattan features. I am OBSESSED with rattan and wicker; if everything I owned could be made out of it, I’D GO ALL IN. Rattan brings the perfect combination of warmth and bohemian style, so the sun mirror and light shade were easy decisions, and my mum picked up the mini peacock chair at a French vide-grenier (basically a garage sale) for €1. BARG. We'd already put in wicker basket storage before for the studio space, so instead we'll use it for clothes and toys: winner.

Earthy muted felt rainbow

There were some big pluses to waiting to decorate, as it was only once she was born that we started to realise the kinds of colours and style we liked to dress her in. Our friends will tell you that it’s rare for Remi not to be seen in some shade of mustard, ochre or rust! I honestly can’t explain the mustard thing, I just started gravitating towards earthy tones once she arrived, and now they’re Remi’s colours. That made it loads easier to know which colours I wanted to feature in her room. It’s going to sound silly but because I’m so used to seeing her in those colours, I feel like the nursery decor reflects her personality which I wouldn’t have known had we decorated before she was here.

Pretty in print muted rainbow print
Bertie and the boys muted rainbow macrame weave

Like many others, I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for baby nursery decor ideas; there are some incredible small businesses who make the most beautiful decorations, and it’s hard not to buy it all! As Remi is our rainbow baby I fell in love with this rainbow print in burnt umber by Pretty In Print Art: the colours Rachael uses are actually divine, and that’s not a word I use often! I thought it went so well with the rainbow weave I bought by Bertie And The Boys. I've been an admirer of Jackie's macrame rainbows for a long time so as soon as I saw this weave I just had to snap it up! Like the print, the colours were just right, especially with the little pop of mustard, and everyone knows macrame is the ultimate boho decoration so it had to be done!

Hey kiddo studio baby nursery sign

Does anyone else remember how special it felt to find a gift personalised with your name on when you were a child?! I have many memories of scowering gift shops on school trips just desperate to find that 'Sophie' keyring. I wanted Remi to have some personalised details with her name on in her room, and when I came across Marti from heykiddostudio's wire words there was just something so magic about them, and they were a LOT cooler than a keyring! It is a great size to pop on the peg rack on her wall too, and I just have all the heart eye emojis for these signs.

Boho personalised baby name buntingEarthy tones muted rainbow boho nurseryPersonalised baby bunting

Making is what I there was no way I wasn't going to make anything for the nursery. If you have followed me along the BohoTemple journey so far you'll know I make personalised bunting banners for weddings. My bunting designs also feature lots of gorgeous ribbon to give that extra boho look, so I just knew I had to create a mini baby name version. I really love how it looks in her room, a special, unique banner from me to my girl. I hope she'll have it for years to come. What do you think? Styling this boho baby nursery was such a fun chance to be creative and make a beautiful space for Remi to enjoy, plus it turns out I spend quite a bit of time in there too so it's good to have something pretty to look at!

Ribbon garland bunting earthy tones

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